August 2021 Business of the Month


Business of the Month.Owners Jerrie Thomas and Michael
Lajko opened this business at the top of Main Street,
specifically 236 N. Main Street, on May 19, 2017 after
purchasing a building that was first constructed in 1939. It was
previously occupied by the Kenney Variety Store and Millsite
Mercantile but needed major structural work and interior
remodeling before they were able to open.
According to comments made when they received our 2018
Business of the Year award they?faced more than their share of
those (challenges, risks and liabilities) but they persevered,
persisted and saw it through. They transitioned from one business
model to another. They poured their heart and soul and personal
finances into a project that, at times, seemed overwhelming.? More
recently different challenges, like COVID-19 and fewer walk-in
customers, have confronted them but they continue to
Their success as a small business and their contributions to
our community have been previously recognized by being
selected as our November 2017 and September 2020 Business
of the Month, in addition to being voted our 2018 Business of
the Year.

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